The Birthing Place of Beauty

AshesOn our early morning flight, the attendant offered me a drink, and with every intense ounce of me I asked for coffee. I may have grunted it, because she and the woman on my left bent their bodies in a knee-slapping laugh. I laughed, too, and then had to explain that I am a decade tired in the mother-way. I said, “I have four sons!”

“Oh!” the woman sitting there said, “I have three sons.” And there it was, the look we gave each other, an immediate bond. She is a woman from Joplin, Missouri, a place wiped out in 2011 by an EF5 tornado. I asked her how recovery was going, and she spoke of her dearest friends, how a light has gone out from their eyes. I saw the heartbreak as she wondered if she would ever see the light again.

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Back to ARkansas

A Haines Home Companion: Back to the Grind

I got a window seat on the flight out of Haiti, and the poor man next to me had to endure the tears literally squirting out of my face. I was ready to be with my family, but I wasn’t ready to leave. I have such a divine sense of longing right now that if […]


For the Dreamers of Drouin

In my “abouts,” I call myself a struggler and a straggler. I’m here in Haiti with friends who have known me for a long time. When I’ve disappeared during hard times with Titus, they’re the ones who come after me. To experience this with them is one of the greatest gifts of my life. You […]


For Us to be One

When we walked out of the airport in Port-au-Prince, it began, an explosion of color, the rumble of people. Pastor Gaetan met us there to give us a ride. It was a new airport. It was city. I expected poverty in large spreads but I didn’t expect to see tin on tin as homes strung […]


A Haines Home Companion: On Joy and How We Love

  When I was very small, Saturday mornings were the only mornings we had Daddy at home that we weren’t rushing about in the before-church fits. My little sister, brothers, and I would wake as early as possible with our tangled hair and find Mama and Daddy’s bed. We would crawl in between them where […]

Embrace the Awkward

When we let our guards down, we’re bound to be at least a little awkward.

Thoughts On the Wait

Seth and I had the biggest fight we’ve ever had last week, and I’m not exaggerating, a go-to-bed-angry fight.  And of all the things I learned in it, I learned that we don’t have marriage figured out. I mean, I knew that already, but it’s one thing to say you know it and another thing […]