Thought Loops and How Security Changes You


Often the works of the day, the habits of routine, move our bodies forward. We don’t have to think hard before rolling out of bed. For me, even with my best intentions to go straight to coffee and my thinking spot, I’ll see the laundry that needs to be started, and then I’ll straighten up the pile of shoes by the back door.

Sometimes the path to my morning reading and writing is a mile long. Then the kids wake up, and it’s on. I tell them all, “I am no short-order cook!” but I really am. The plants need to be watered. Then the dog needs to be walked. The floor is beyond gross, so I sweep and mop, and oh yeah, “Let’s do math, boys!” And I move between the boys during homeschool faster than a waitress between tables.

So much of my life is the doing, and while I’m running a million circles, I’m not always aware of my mind, the thought patterns, how they tend to loop on certain things. I can act like a whim of a woman, but my mind often gets stuck in loops that usually have to do with what I’m fearing at the moment.

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True Story

My little writing office is downtown, and I’m so glad because writing a book tends to land me for days in the recesses of memory. When words are coming, my thoughts teeter more on the inside of the chapter than they do on the outside where actual other humans live in the present tense. Today […]

water the flowers

How to Talk to Your Own Soul

It has just started pouring hard like fingers tapping on the windows. This morning hour of navy grey is when the cars have solidified their hum, and over the top is the tapping. We’re up with the grownups, and children are beginning to stir. We pray them deeper into bed and yank tight the rope we’ve slung […]

dog days

Dog Days

It has been a blowdryer kind of hot here in Arkansas. I look out these windows and see such beauty, but I promise it’s a trick. The air is as thick as mud, like when you’re in one of those dreams where you’re being chased, but your body will only move heavy and in slow motion. […]

Yes to the Little Green House

I said yes to a little green house with a big garden and two rows of fruit trees. It’s like a mansion if your standard were teeny tiny houses. There’s a clothesline here, and the breeze beneath my shade trees is a gentle one. We’ve been waiting for a gentle time. We’ve been waiting for […]


A Final Haines Home Companion: a Secret I’ve Kept

Yesterday I posted this to Facebook: “This mothering of 4 small boys is no freaking joke. I am a hard core mutha. I drive a mini-van, and I can only do about 5 pushups, but I promise that I could walk into the scariest place you can think of right now, and I wouldn’t blink […]


String Theory

Our friendship circle tightens around hospital beds and stuck dissertations like thread on a spool. We feel the whoosh of summer, the go round, and try to help each other in perpetual catch up. Once I heard that as we age, time begins to move faster and faster. I’ve read quantum theories. I feel it […]