on the comforts of home and finding my fit

hugging my daddy I was born with a borrowed homesickness for Tennessee bottomland where my daddy grew up. We never stopped piling into a station wagon and winding the long way there from Alabama for weekends of lap-sitting, early biscuits, percolated coffee, and that iron-rich dirt dotted with arrowheads. It was home to my daddy, where he had been a little boy and where he had known his daddy, and it was comforting to me to see him fit so well.

So is it any wonder, then, that I constantly battle a fit problem myself, always longing for the comfort of home? I moved from Alabama to Arkansas, and I do love it here, but it doesn’t fit, and then, always, the chilly edge of autumn undoes me. 

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  1. i am crying. why do i run from rather than to my home?

  2. This really hit home for me…

  3. Amber, I loved your post. And I am secretly wishing when I retire someday on a rickety old porch somewhere with a view of the mountains, that you are one of my friends sipping iced tea and rocking next to me.


  4. I can relate to the feeling you describe.

    There is a home, but where exactly is it?

    Ah. I think I remember. Something about being a sojourner . . .

    There is a home being built for me where I will forever belong with every fiber of my being.

  5. “I realize contentment”… I just love that! What a beautiful post Amber… thank you for sharing your heart!

  6. My husband and I battle – daily – with the fact that God didn’t send us to Alabama when we thought it’s where He was creating a home for us. (And moreover struggle knowing it very well could have been us with the cold feet with not enough faith in our Creator to uphold His children.)

    We still cry for that to be our home, but thankfully, He has used you again to show me that no matter where our earthly home is, it will never be as delightful and meaningful as our home with Him.

    Praise God for the wisdom He has given you, and the gift of words He has allowed you to use to share with His other children.

  7. oh, i feel about memphis as you do alabama and your dad did TN! and yet, even now when i re-visit memphis, it’s not quite home. i love the cs lewis thought that we are like fish out of water who only know they need the water when out of it (time/eternality being our water) or something like that-i butchered it i think!
    anyway, yes, we are not Home yet, tho he has Graciously given us glimpses, both of Him and his Beloved. can’t wait to cross that threshold, eh?

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