they are weak, but he is strong

There are a few things that make me uncomfortable. One is when someone drives in the lane next to me, speeding up and slowing down as I do and just won’t let me have my road space.

Another awkward thing is when someone sings to me, you know – when someone knows all the words to the song, and then he looks you deep in the eyes and sings as if the words are to you? This hasn’t happened much, but when it did, WAY awkward. Also, once a guy sang “You’ve Got a Friend” to me over the phone. It was excruciating. 

Before I get to the point, I need to explain that when I haven’t been daily seeking God (DAILY is a must for me) even my theology reverts. I catch myself pursuing a works-based righteousness, begging God to make me good enough to stand before Him, wallowing in my multiplying sin. This is where I’ve been lately, not remembering and repeating truth. So wouldn’t it be just like God to make me a tiny bit uncomfortable to set truth off in my mind like a firecracker?

I was at Sam’s with a cart-full of cheap crackers, and right up next to me walked a younger man in a Razorback tracksuit. If we were cars, I’d obviously be the mini-van, and he the souped-up mustang. He was all up in my personal space singing deeply and then with all his vibrato, he shook his words up high, and that’s when I heard the word, “wisdom,” and I knew it then that he was singing to his Jesus, reminding himself of the truth. He was saying “thank you.”

So I loosened up a bit, thinking he was in my space because he’s having church, and sometimes you just don’t get personal space at church. He’s not aware of me. I think I closed my eyes for a second, and we’re both still walking together. I’m pushing a cart. I relax. I think about how sad I’ve been. I slow down. He moved forward a bit, and then he stops and turns around to face me, and he said, “You know that Jesus loves you” and I nodded Yes, and then he turned around and walked away. 

Just like that. Jesus is the center. Hear it now. Jesus is the good. He is all righteousness. Credit Him for the great work of redemption He’s finished. Credit Him daily.

Hear it now. Sing it down the isle. Whisper it on your last day. Tell it even to complete strangers. 

Jesus loves you.


  1. Wow! I love it when God speaks to us in unexpected ways. This guy was definately “in tune” and following the great conductor. Thanks for sharing the story. I’m touched and convicted at the same time, thinking I need to be so much bolder, and much more aware of His leading. Blessings!

  2. I had a guy read me “How to Win Friends and Influence People” over the phone….think he was trying to tell me something??? we are no longer friends. BUT….I love your entry for today…so sweet to trust in Jesus. :)

  3. Oh thank you. You are a lovely writer. Good to come across your work.

  4. Thanks for sharing this moment from your day.

  5. Hi! I’m new to runamuck… but so enjoy your writing and especially loved the sweet message behind this post

  6. I am so excited to have stumbled upon your blog and LOVE this post. I am a new blogger about to launch next week and am grateful to have found some other God-focused bloggers. Love finding Jesus in the everyday – He so uses moments like this to grab our attention. Great post!

  7. You have put into such perfect words exactly the way I feel and react when I have not been taking time to really just be with the Lord.
    I love it that He is never willing to leave us there – no matter what it takes to get our attention. I love it, too, that some of us just love Him so much it has to jump right out of our mouths!

  8. You know, I so badly want to be one of those people who can say, “You know, Jesus loves you” to complete strangers, but I know the moment “Jesus” and “love” come out of my mouth, I’m too choked up and teared up to continue.

    Praise God for firecrackers.

  9. You got it. And I’m getting there, I really am (trying). Glad I scrolled through your site today – I had missed this one.

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