Bringing Home Beautiful

Please welcome a post from my good good husband, Seth Haines, and pay attention at the end. Seth and Seth are offering something so ridiculous, you won’t be able to refuse.

Please hang with me through this post. This is important to me.

If you could sit down with Seth Primm over coffee, you’d find him to be patient, empathizing with brokenness, a man constantly in waiting. He chooses words carefully, poised on the edge of the perfect moment where he will speak truth. The moment of light. If you knew him—I mean really knew him—you’d see a flesh and bone version of one who does justice, loves mercy, and walks humbly with God.

“I don’t want to live in the light of His love and not be moved.” I’ve heard him say this.

He and his wife, Joy, are in an advent-like season of tension. In the process of an Ethiopian adoption, they have made their way to the wait list. Their little girl is somewhere in Ethiopia right now. She has a beautiful face. Her laughter is joyful, her tears real. They were made for each other.

“She is holding on to hope another lonely day. She is holding out for love to show up with a name.” I’ve heard him say this, too.

Through this adoption process, Seth has quietly penned some very inspired songs that have become the project known as Bringing Home Beautiful. More than songs for his little girl, the final product has become the soundtrack for the fatherless. And these songs do not come from a kingdom-now do-gooder. Instead, the entire project goes deeper and is well-centered in the metaphor of rescue and redemption. It reminds us that while we were still orphans Christ took us into his family, wrapped us in his family garments. Seth understands the meta-narrative.

It’s this metaphor that brings me near tears every time I hear the song “Come Home Beautiful,” in which he poetically describes the adoption of the church by Christ. He reminds me that Christ made us beautiful when He “peeled off orphan clothes and wrapped us in simple hope that we would be found beautiful.” Oh, that I would see myself as an orphan of circumstance, adopted into a living hope. Oh, that I would identify with the Primm’s waiting girl, that I would remember the season of tension before Christ rescued me, rescued the church.

From his opening rendering of the Lord’s Prayer, to his closing cry to the “Soverign Lord,” this album speaks with simple authenticity. When you hear his voice, it will ring true.

Please consider connecting with Seth and Joy. Consider purchasing his music, the proceeds of which will go to help bring home Beautiful. Also consider making an additional donation to his adoption fund (after all, this cd is well worth more than a ten-spot). Any additional proceeds generated will be donated to organizations assisting with orphan care.

You can purchase the project on iTunes by clicking this link. If you would like a hard copy, please visit the Primm’s site for more information.


LOOK! If you do buy this album, leave a comment letting us know, and one lucky winner will receive a JINGLE for his or her blog written by Seth Haines and Seth Primm. I mean, great day in the morning! Have you ever heard of such a thing?!


  1. I bought it. Not because I want a jingle. The one you wrote for Sara Sophia is just way too awesome.
    The music is great. And the story behind it is beautiful. And I think it’s fantastic that they are adopting a little girl.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I listened through it the other day and intended to buy, but hadn’t got around to it. Your hilarious Sarah Sophia jingle pushed me to do it in time for your clever contest!

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