What I Wore Wednesday: Roses, lace, and leather

I wear brass earrings against my brunette. I like it, the bits of trying at the 7 week mark after a baby, when the adrenaline runs out. I’ve been at this steep cliff before – Postpartum.

For now I smile at it, sit at the edge among roses, looking down. I’m good, but I cringe at what sometimes feels like mother vertigo.

Once in a while I’m suddenly, nauseatingly afraid of the garbage disposal. A Corona commercial makes me cry. Tender, I wear lace.

So I pendulum swing. Leather tough. I’m a Mama of 4 boys, all testosterone thumping. I can be so hard. I’ll teach you perseverance.

What does it mean to be tender and unafraid? Like silk, durable. Like metal, malleable.

A mother’s conflicting selves, the rose and her thorns, can cause the push and pull that send her in directions she never thought she could go.

I can’t believe how good this life is that I never would have chosen, how many cliffs I’ve edged -such sturdy feet, such a galloping mind.

lace tank:: Forever 21

skinny jeans:: GAP

military boots:: Nine West

soft floral socks:: Free People


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  1. those boots! i love.

    i feel like you could do some serious, toe-stomping, dancing in those boots!
    dearabbyleigh recently posted..yukata

  2. You are beautiful and amazing. I love how your clothes reflect so much about you.
    Ruthiey recently posted..Progress Perrort…

  3. i cried over cheez its. yes.
    okay so there were 100 dollars worth at my front door, an Amazonian mistake, but really, tears came.

    And I have three boys, and it’s my life goal to not be crazy while my hormones adjust.
    joann recently posted..Shake Your Salt Shaker

  4. Love.
    Aubrey recently posted..Shifting Sands

  5. There wasn’t anything I didn’t love about this.
    Linda recently posted..Natural Women

  6. I said it once. But I’ll say it again.

    Hot Mama.
    Erika recently posted..Just A Little Breeze – A Series

  7. I love how you have such a strong sense of your own style. Also loving those floral socks.
    Amy recently posted..Book Review + My First Giveaway!

  8. super great outfit. love the lace and THOSE SOCKS!

  9. The socks are amazing. Love this all. ALL. And you.
    Megan at SortaCrunchy recently posted..Introducing Your Green Resource!

  10. You draw a beautiful parallel between what we choose to wear on our bodies and how we’ve dressed our souls. Each piece reflects something real about you, and I really love the way you’ve described that.
    Shannon Wheeler recently posted..Substance of Things Hoped For

  11. I never would have guessed you are a mother of four boys. You still look single and pretty. I like the outfit especially the leather boots. You are looking very stylish and trendy.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Pick Up Lines For Guys

  12. i would not be embarrassed to be seen publically with you dressed in such boots and attire. i especially like the boots and socks. you go, girlfriend.
    hamster recently posted..REMAKING STRAW DOGS: VIOLENCE VS. TENSION

    • also, there was that one time me and chadly randomly ran into you at Arsaga’s and you smiled a smile that made some folks in there squint their eyeballs it was so bright and we talked about words and kids and Katy Perry. when your name comes to mind, i instantly hear you say two things: “sausage biscuits and mustard” and that line you dropped calling me out about loving Katy Perry. golden! after saying that bit up there about “be seen publically with you”, it made me nostalgic for the last time i was seen in public with you. and now i’m thinking about seth eating a blue cheese burger! heart strings!
      hamster recently posted..REMAKING STRAW DOGS: VIOLENCE VS. TENSION

  13. perfection. i love your angles! <3
    Arianne recently posted..On Cultivating Heart Strings

  14. I get this and love it.
    Elizabeth @claritychaos recently posted..wean

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