A Rock Home Companion and a LoveFeast Table giveaway

Our table is scratched and has wobbly legs. Apparently, when I’m not looking, my boys use yogurt as finger paint, so if I ever actually get it clean, I give the laser eyes and tell them to git out of my clean kitchen.

We all go out and dig around and pull up weeds. I wear a baby and hold my phone in the air at the irises. I’ve learned how to hold the frame the way that shows only the beauty.

What you can’t see is how fallen apart we are. The tin on the 70 year old chicken house flaps in the wind. The ceiling touches the floor. The once regal trees have been snapped in two for years now from the dead weight of ice, and now they host Spring’s creepers. The honeysuckle wraps a death grip tighter than kudzu. It’s beautiful, how fallen apart we are.

Once in a while Fayetteville’s train whistle blows. The frogs talk us through some things; the birds want to say it loudest. We’re never going to get this place right, this old house, the random railroad spikes breaking our lawn mower. Everyone who drives by can see it, but then, too, how the garden grows, how the one azalea lives in perpetual fire, hot pink against our rock.

I send the boys to the table outside, by where the old strong roses reach up the fence. We make our mess outside, and throw trash in a burn barrel. “It is what it is,” we say. The most beautiful things are what grows out of the broken, even sometimes the hidden things we pull out of the bramble, like that homemade horse-drawn cart we found in the woods.

Motherhood is just that – broken, hidden, beautiful.

I hardly keep clothes on their backs, and it’s not that I don’t try. I spend all day trying. I waste so much in frustration, and then in a flash I’m broken, see the worth in the pain.

The baby smells a horse for the first time. I watch the exchange, protective yet permissive. The fuzz on the mouth of this large animal is unreal soft, made for babies. We all ought to be trusted that much by a horse, ought to know what it’s like to stand close and watch the wind comb an old mane. Horses do indeed bite, but what’s a horse if you can’t get close enough to smell the sweet feed.

I’m catching glimpses.

I’ll never work hard enough, never get it together, never  be able to tell you how much I want to love better.


The more I hear the impact that Mother Letters is having on lives, the more I’m confirmed in our decision to publish it. We need to see the beauty in the broken, Mother. The amazing women at LoveFeast Table want to treat you today, and it gives me so much joy to be giving away their Mother’s Tree of Life Necklace, valued at $199.

This heirloom quality, 30″ necklace is hand-made using genuine, fine quality gemstones and sterling silver and will be customized with your children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones.

This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM on Friday, April 27th and winners will be announced on the RunaMuck Facebook page, so follow along there to hear the news.

To enter, simply follow LoveFeast Table and Mother Letters on Facebook and come back here to leave a comment. If you’ve purchased Mother Letters and had a chance to soak any of it in, give us a little review on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble, and come back here to enter your name 4 MORE TIMES! We would really appreciate the feedback, and we’re so grateful to LoveFeast Table that they’re helping us celebrate you as a Mother.


  1. I LOVE the book. Thank you. It’s been a rough week for me, and to catch little moments here and there and have those words encourage me and show me I am not alone has been nothing short of beautiful. Thanks! And I liked both on facebook! :)

  2. Beautiful :) All of it.

    (I liked both on facebook)
    Carissa recently posted..edible finger paint {kids and art}

  3. Thalia Madewell says:

    I just love you, Amber Haines. You are a composer of boys and words and you give an eloquence to so much of what I too feel as a wife and mama.

  4. What an incredible post….what an incredible family…what incredible love! You touch my heart daily.

  5. Amber, I so love reading your words. Mwah!

  6. I am loving the book and buying it as a giveaway on my blog this week. What a messy-wonder that is motherhood! Thank you for your time and love in publishing. <3

  7. Can’t wait to read the book, because I well remember loving the MotherLetters project and felt blessed to be able to participate. Amber, thanks for sharing your mother heart with your readers!

  8. Love that necklace! Just liked both of these facebook pages. Thanks!

  9. Emily Garrett says:

    I liked both of the pages on FB, and look forward to reading Mother Letters on my Kindle:)

  10. Just found your website the other day and love the beautiful letters and life stories. Hope to get your book soon.
    Bekki Beilby recently posted..Preparing for Easter

  11. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’ve yet to buy Mother Letters. I am a Nook user and felt a bit left out until I read that I don’t have to be. I am excited to have it in hand later today. Your community of writers is a new, vibrant & refreshing world that has in recent weeks captivated my heart. This relationship was born out of Deeper Story and grown through Twitter. I feel so loved by God to have connected the dots the way and in the time He has. I too love telling stories and know I will grow not only as a writer but wife, friend and mother through written word. I look forward to reading Mother Letters.

  12. I liked LoveFeast Table and Mother Letters, as I like that necklace. But I think I like your baby sniffin’ that horse most of all.
    Brandee Shafer recently posted..About Me

  13. Gracious that necklace is beautiful. And Mother Letters? Well you already know I’m in love with that.
    Emily @ The Pilot’s Wife recently posted..Spirit-Led Parenting:: A Review and Giveaway!

  14. Carrie Carter says:

    I follow Mother Letters on Facebook! That necklace is absolutely beautiful!

  15. Beautiful post and beautiful necklace. I have liked everything on Facebook, too.

    And, I can’t leave a review of Mother Letters even though I have purchased it. Because I didn’t buy it for me. I purchased it for my friend, who is a mother, too, and has been walking beside me in wonderful ways this year. The book seemed like a wonderful way to say thank you. (I’ll buy my own someday, too.)
    Stephanie Spencer recently posted..Unmet Expectations

  16. I have liked both pages too – and I LOVE the whole Mother Letters concept – I have from the very beginning!
    Linds recently posted..Triangles and other exciting stuff…………

  17. I love the way you describe ‘framing’ to show only the beauty and not expose the brokenness. Don’t we all do that in innumerable ways? Thank you for the post.

    The necklace is stunning, and, after following Mother Letters for a time, I’m now hooked up with Love Feast Table, too! Thanks for directing me there.

  18. I have liked them both. Following the followers on FB:-)

  19. Beautiful. Love how you use your frame to capture the beauty.

    I follow Mother Letters on FB. And I just left you a review on Amazon. I’ve been just soaking up the nuggets in this book. Thank-you!
    Breanne recently posted..Sweet Simplicity

  20. I’m not here for the give-away, but I just wanted to say “Motherhoood is just that -broken, hidden, beautiful” -I love that line!!

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