String Theory

Our friendship circle tightens around hospital beds and stuck dissertations like thread on a spool. We feel the whoosh of summer, the go round, and try to help each other in perpetual catch up. Once I heard that as we age, time begins to move faster and faster. I’ve read quantum theories. I feel it whooshing.

The sun didn’t rise today like a hot air balloon. It was a frisbee, and now the cars, they streak the air, and soon it’s a rag on the dirty supper table and that short hot hour after the kids go down. A trail of sand to the bed.

When time was slow, my legs were beautiful, and I read Bible like a knowing carnivore. I undergirded my mind in context: one minute equals one minute. Time is how we make sense, understand space, dimensions.  If it seems to shift, so does the compass. I’ve been known to doubt true North.

I take Bible now like a new salt lick, chew one word at a time like cud, try to stop the clock, make the minutes slow molten like glass. Think of love so tenderly dense, fluid, made of lightyears. Think of God who can’t be cut in half, not even in thirds. Think of us, strings raveled in the whole, how we are infinitely divisible, whispering through like fragmented comets, shadows behind the shadow in a mirror at night.

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originally posted July, 2012 


  1. I was thinking about time the other day, remember how slowly the hands of old school clock moved when I was in elementary school. An hour seemed like days when I was anxious to race home.
    Now I long to hold onto the minutes, and they slip through my hands like water.
    Just wait until those four little ones have somehow overnight turned into grown men with little ones of their own. Oh my how it goes then.
    Linda recently posted..Pulling Up Roots

  2. It’s exactly what I felt this morning as I crouched over my journal & Psalm pages while the boys took a walk outside. I’m chewing the cud, but I am chewing crazy fast before the moment passes and all is loud again. How I ache for a time lapse in the quiet! I guess that’s what ONYX is for. Love you & this journey.
    Kaitlin Curtice recently posted..Snapshots: on campus

  3. Beautiful words. I love the way you express your journey in His Word. Time may fly by but His Word gets sweeter every day. We just want to savor it like sweet desert.
    Amber, I am here in Bella Vista. If you want to have coffee or something please let me know. Have a great day.

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