Back Around Again


I’ve been remembering this post, one I wrote 2.5 years ago, and I’m reeling about it: I went home again – the mountain, saw the vertical beams of our gymnasium overlooking the hills, all the slight spreading of red at the fingertips of maples. The sun was hot, but the air had a glaze of […]

a trip

Alabama, March 2010 035

The acorns confetti the backyard like heavy pepper in the side of our Alabama hill, and I’m going there, where the trees go bare, where the creek and shifting leaves beg hush. My daddy has a graceful red horse that runs (thunders) along side our van every time we start up the driveway. She runs, […]

The Girls in the Yard

After the eggs and maybe cinnamon toast, as soon as we can get something pulled over our heads, we go outside. You, my little sister, follow me toward the barn, but I remember and say, “Let’s go back in and get it!” At the foot of the bed, the E Encyclopedia opens to “Egyptians.” We […]

The Sidewalk and the Sound a Bookstore Makes: What I Wear


People already know I’m a country girl, not a redneck, not a belle. I do happen on a sidewalk now and then; in fact, I don’t even have to touch the grass to get to my car now. Shortest distance between two points, straight down the middle I’m smart, would rather be in the grass […]

To One of My Homes


There’s no way to stand back far enough to show you how big it is, all the living that has gone on under its arch. Our family is in Louisiana, and I shirked this blog, packed our stuff, and went there – way down South, where the Live Oaks cover an acre and several centuries. […]

On Elvis, Alabama, and Coupons

I drive to Walgreens in a downpour and listen to Elvis, who makes me cry and smile all at once. An old man looks over at me from our stoplight, and he wonders what hip minivan music moves me so. He never would guess Elvis, who reminds me of August. August is the month I […]