What Belongs to You: A Marriage Letter


Dear Seth, Every single thing that belongs to me tells me not to sit down here to write this letter. These days, I would rather go to the back of the property with a 99 ¢ notebook and scribble ink in handwriting through work gloves, but it’s true that when I’m working outside, I think […]

Marriage Letters: On New Seasons


Dear Seth, It was January when we decided we would write letters on New Seasons. The branches then were cold gray and like wide-open fingers allowing everything to slip through: the wind, the engines, the peek at neighbors’ piled-up yards. We knew spring would come and cover us again. It would fill out with yellow forsythia […]

Absence Makes the Heart Grow: A Marriage Letter

Seth, here. Amber has hitched a plane to the Holy Land, and while she’s gone, I’ve sneaked in herr to leave her a little marriage letter. Would you consider joining us in writing marriage letters this month?  ***** Amber, We left early Saturday morning to beat the ice and snow to the Tulsa airport. I dropped you […]

Marriage Letters: What You Call Holy


Dear Seth, When we first met, you were like one melted and poured into a model of holiness, and everybody called you so. You were the good boy, and I hope our four sons follow suit. You commanded rooms, a leader, always doing what was right. You sang your hallelujahs and expected rewards for good […]

On Healing and Wholeness: a Resolution and a Marriage Letter

{written January 10th in the grey chair and January 25th on a couch in British Columbia} Dear Seth, As I write this, the sky is deepening into nightfall with rounded heaps of slate and purple, distant but streaked with fluorescent coral ripping through, as if a hand had dipped its fingers into a burning pink nether and wiped the […]

Marriage Letters: How We Co-labor

Dear Seth, That ancient gallon-sized pickle jar in the garage is full of old homemade chicken broth, isn’t it? It went bad while I was in Haiti, and you had the four boys by yourself, and I bet it started to smell iffy in there, so you pulled it out of the fridge and ran […]