Absence Makes the Heart Grow: A Marriage Letter

Seth, here. Amber has hitched a plane to the Holy Land, and while she’s gone, I’ve sneaked in herr to leave her a little marriage letter. Would you consider joining us in writing marriage letters this month?  ***** Amber, We left early Saturday morning to beat the ice and snow to the Tulsa airport. I dropped you […]

Marriage Letters: What You Call Holy


Dear Seth, When we first met, you were like one melted and poured into a model of holiness, and everybody called you so. You were the good boy, and I hope our four sons follow suit. You commanded rooms, a leader, always doing what was right. You sang your hallelujahs and expected rewards for good […]

On Healing and Wholeness: a Resolution and a Marriage Letter

{written January 10th in the grey chair and January 25th on a couch in British Columbia} Dear Seth, As I write this, the sky is deepening into nightfall with rounded heaps of slate and purple, distant but streaked with fluorescent coral ripping through, as if a hand had dipped its fingers into a burning pink nether and wiped the […]

Marriage Letters: How We Co-labor

Dear Seth, That ancient gallon-sized pickle jar in the garage is full of old homemade chicken broth, isn’t it? It went bad while I was in Haiti, and you had the four boys by yourself, and I bet it started to smell iffy in there, so you pulled it out of the fridge and ran […]

Marriage Letters: What Makes You Come Alive

masquerade ball

Dear Seth, We slipped out of the Masquerade Ball early because we had a babysitter, and no matter how fancy the company, the two of us won’t waste the chance to be alone. This stage of small children makes date nights feel like a visit to the marital ER. The ice storm was on its […]

Marriage Letters: Once Upon a Time

Dear Seth, These were the days they warned us about. We are tired, and it’s all starting to blur together. I can’t remember what year what happened, and we’ve only been married for 14 years. Forty years from now, I’ll be making up our story altogether, so I’m just glad we’re writing this stuff down […]